People enjoying pond

Welcome! With the ever growing trend to create outdoor living areas, the water garden has quickly become the focal point of many of those living spaces. People are spending more time near their picturesque water gardens, babbling brooks, cascading waterfalls, colorful fish, and beautiful aquatic and terrestrial foliage ... enjoying life in their own backyard paradise.

No matter if you have a simple Fountainscape, an elaborate Pondless® Waterfall, or an Ecosystem Pond; water features offer numerous benefits. They can enhance your landscaping, making your property stand out and increasing property values. Water features have also been known to help you relax and distress, lower your blood pressure and improve overall mental health. You can even choose to use the RainXchange® system to create a sustainable water feature that can be used to store rainfall and irrigate your garden.

At Aqua Scapes of Virginia our goal is to help you enjoy the water gardening lifestyle. We are a family owned and operated full-line pet store and we have been in the pond business for 18 years. We began our Aquascape journey with the Water Gardening Excellent program in 2003. In 2007 we became an Authorized Aquascape PRO™ Distributor as we continued to grow. We pride ourselves on our customer service and also try to help our contractors and Certified Aquascape Contracts grow.

We carry a full line of professional and do-it-yourself products ranging from pond kits to pumps to liner. In addition, we offer a large assortment of pond plants and fish. Call us or stop by for professional, courteous assistance for all your pond needs.